Zac is a fourth year Kinesiology student at Trent University.  He is a member of the Trent University’s Varsity Men’s rugby team.

I asked Zac what his opinion of occupation was. 

“it’s your job”

You go to school for 4 years or even more to work toward your future job.  One that you are excited for and have put a lot of time and effort into it.  Something you have worked so hard for.  An occupation is what you get at the end of your schooling, a job. Even right now I have an occupation working for my dad who’s a contractor in the summer.

After reading the Hito Steyerl Text, Zac’s opinion changed. 

“it is a state”

I guess occupation doesn’t just mean a job.  Like the author stated its more then a job it is a state.  Like when you study that occupy s your day, or going to the gym or going to practice.  They all occupy your time.  I guess being a student athlete I have an occupation to go to practice, games, and do my school work.  I have a lot more occupations then i thought I did.