Steve is a middle aged graduate of Waterloo University, and works in Stirling Ontario as a Car Salesman.  He lives with his wife as his kids are all gone off to school and have started their own lives.

I asked Steve what his opinion of Occupation was.  

“my job”

I go to work everyday and do my job/occupation of selling cars so I can support my kid that is still in University.  I have worked in Car Sales for a long time as it is a family business so its a big occupation in our family and it occupies a lot of our time.  Its hard to run a business within such a small town. Occupation has a lot to do with working a full time job.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Steve’s  opinion changed a little bit. 

“something that you work on” 

Occupation is still associated with jobs.  This is because as an adult I am constantly working to support my family.  And it is the one that that consumes my time and it is one thing that constantly occupies all of my time.  I understand that it can be a state, activity or any thing else really, but personally it will be linked into my job.