Rebecca is a middle aged graduate from Guelph University, and lives in Barrie with her husband. Her two children are studying in post secondary. She works at the hospital as a dietary assistant.

I asked Rebecca what her opinion on Occupation was.

“its the job I do”

Occupation is the job I worked hard for. its the job that I enjoy going to everyday especially because its great knowing I help people.  My occupation is a dietary assistant so anything that i do at work would be considered my occupation.  Weighing food, making food plans and making the actual food would all be my occupation, the things I do at work.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Rebecca’s opinion changed. 

“its more then the tasks within my job”

I did not really realize how diverse of a word occupation was.  Its a state, a job, a placing and a period of occupying.  It all depends on the person but anything could be an occupation to a person.  Their hobbies could be their occupations or their therapy or even their workout.  Its all things they do within the day.