The Manifesto

This is the post excerpt.


What is Occupation? Is it a job? A state? Or being occupied? According to the Oxford Dictionary, Occupation is, “a job or profession, or the action, state or period of occupying or being occupied by a military force.” A military force is being in a place, and a foreign person taking up temporary residency in your area. Many people that I have asked have said occupation has to do with jobs and careers.  While every single person was right with their answers, some were more expanded and open compared to others.  Occupation can mean many things including all three mentioned earlier; a job, a state of being, and being occupied.  Another thing that could be mentioned is the use of occupancy as taking up space in something.  All of these things though, have one thing in common.  Time.  Occupation has a lot to do with time.  Time is the one thing we cannot control ourselves, but it controls us.  We find ourselves constantly running out of it, and having to be on it. Time will never stop but it is going by and constantly changing. Time is important as everything in your life revolves around it. Time spent at work, at the gym, at the library, at the doctor’s office, in the grocery store etc. Every single activity, state of being, and career are consuming your time.  Consuming it with tasks, and the one thing that never stops just like every one of us.  Time.  Time is the key to occupation. Time just like occupations never really stops.  From the moment you are born till the moment you die you are changing occupations.  School, post-secondary, career, and all the hobbies, summer jobs, family and friends that you spend your time with.  They all change but they all occupied your life with their time and will always occupy you with their consuming time. Hard work and effort are big parts of occupation.  Without hard work and any effort anything that is worth your time won’t have such a rewarding feeling.  None the less both things you enjoy and don’t enjoy are part of the time consuming activities you do in your life.  Occupations can still be about work, but not entirely about it.  A job, just like a state is only part of this definition. Jobs require a lot of time and effort in order to support yourself and any family you may have.  A lot of your life is spent working a job, or working to prepare yourself for this job like going to school.  This would make a lot of sense to why people thing occupation means a job, as it is basically what you do in your life that matters and how you wish to spent most of your time in life doing.  Everything in your life, everything you do consumes a part of your life and part of the time you have while you are alive.  Occupation isn’t necessarily only about jobs and a state but it’s about the time and how you spend that time. Occupation revolves around individual experiences and individuals.  Each person is different and has different ways to occupy their time in life.  Each individuality will have different ways of associating with occupation, but every person will have their different activities, jobs and states of mind that will take up their time and be their occupation.