Keith is a middle aged graduate from Guelph University and lives in Barrie Ontario with his wife.  He is a father of two children who works for Honda.  He is part of a line that builds cars. His two children are both in post secondary school.

I asked Keith what his opinions on Occupation was. 

“part of my career, as well as thing I enjoy doing”

Occupation means mostly about a job and the thing you do within that job.  For me its doing the paper work and giving a hand to my fellow workers. When work is done with for the day I guess the things I do after are also part of occupation because it takes up my time.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Keith’s opinion did not really change. 

“things people do as well as still linked to jobs”

Occupation is still mainly about your career, but it would also include the hobbies and activities you enjoy doing, and some you may not enjoy as much.  I like to take pictures, and spend time with my wife.  Doing the taxes and cutting the grass are other things that I do, but I do not enjoy as much as the others. In the end i guess its the things that consume your time, these are the occupations in your life.