Amanda is a middle aged graduate of Brock university and lives in Stirling Ontario with her Husband.  She has 3 children who are all grown up and have moved on with one still in school.

I asked Amanda what her opinion of Occupation was. 

“its a state” 

Occupation is a state of doing.  Whether it your job, taking care of kids, going to the gym or being with family.  Most people including myself mainly associate occupation with a job as it is flexible for all jobs as a label.

After reading the Hito Steyrl text, Amanda’s opinion did not change, 

“time consuming”

Yeah its a state of doing something.  Time you spend with people, or yourself.  Anything can technically be an occupation as it takes up your time.  Occupation is all consuming as you orient your life towards it.



Amanda is a third year Psychology student at the University of Western Ontario. She is currently employed at the Western Recreation Center and is A big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

I asked Amanda what her opinion on occupation was.

“A job” 

The first thing that came to my  mind after hearing the word occupation was a persons job. Occupation means something you do when you are done school and have a full time job. The only times I have even ever heard the word occupation, was used for job settings, and interviews. Whether its your dream job, or one you work during the summer.  For me, the Recreation Center and Shoppers Drug mart are Occupations.

After reading Hito Steyerl text, Amanda’s opinion changed. 

“More then a job, it can mean therapy”

Now I have a better understanding of the word occupation.  As a psychology student I am interested in going into Occupational Therapy once I am all done school.  Occupation does mean a job, but after reading this text I can see why this type of therapy I am interested in was named Occupational. Occupational can also mean therapy, and time that you spend helping others. Because occupation can be any type of activity, medication, or time that takes up your day, it would make sense to me that in order to help people you need to occupy your time with them.  By occupying your time to help others, anything you can do in order to set them on the right path is a type of therapy .