Curtis is a third year Concurrent Education student at Trent University.  He is a member of the Trent Varsity Mens rugby team.

I asked Curtis what his opinion of occupation was. 

“part of your future career”

I guess I associate the word occupation with career and with school.  That schooling gets me my future career as a teacher.  Being a teacher is something that occupies my life as I have worked so hard towards it.  Therefore occupation has to do with your future and your dream job.  Something that you are excited about doing everyday for the rest of your life.

After Curtis read Hito Steyerl text, Curtis’s opinion changed a bit. 

“not just about your job, but what you do in general”

Occupation still has to do with your career, but its bigger than just only about a job.  Its about the time you spend getting there, and the work you put in.  Every activity and all the time you have spent to get there.  And once you do get there, there are things you do within your career that aren’t part of your job.  Being healthy and having hobbies and balancing everything with your job.  That’s your occupation, the things you do.



Brooke is a third year Arts and Humanities student at the University of Western Ontario. She plays volleyball intramural at Western Recreation Center on Wednesday nights.

I asked Brooke what her opinion of occupation was. 

“a part of the word career”

I feel that occupation has to do with something you do every single day that you enjoy doing.  It could be your career path or the schooling you are taking.  Daily activities such as going to work are a big part of what occupation means.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Brooke’s opinion didn’t really change.

“part of career part of everything you do”

As an arts and humanities student, I have some biased knowledge about art as an occupation. That all things in art can occupy your time. So occupation in general can be almost anything. Going to school, hanging with friends, being in class, etc.  I have hobbies that occupy my time such as photography.  In the real world people associate occupation with the job world, as it is such a general word.  That an occupation can be all types of jobs like business, designer, or even a contractor.  All things are occupation and that’s maybe why they use the word to associate with careers.


Rachel is a fourth year arts and humanities student at the University of Western Ontario,  She works at the Western Recreation Center part time.

I asked Rachel what her opinion of occupation was.

“a profession” 

When Rachel hears the word occupation she thinks of a career or a job.  You may or may not love this job but you got to do it. You wake up everyday and go to work, and do the same routine everyday that revolves around work. It is important for you to have an occupation in your life in order to have an income and be able to support yourself, and your possible family in the future.

After reading Hito Steyerl text, Rachel’s opinion changed. 

“time consuming”

Something that takes up your time, it can be a job or it can be a hobby.  It may be a activity that you like or may not like but it takes up your day or evening. The routine around your work can be an occupation too.  Every part of this routine could be considered an occupation as it takes up the time of your day or evening.


Amber is a third year Kinesiology student at the University of Western Ontario.  She works at the Western Recreational Center in the Aquatics and is also part of Kin Games which is a faculty restricted group.

I asked Amber what her opinion of occupation was. 

“job, career, lifetime commitment”

Something that you look forward to after university that you are going to love doing for the majority of your life time. A career you have worked very hard for during your time at school, and you will be rewarded for all your hard work with the job of your dreams and lifetime commitment to it.  You will be able to support yourself as you enter the world as an individual and are able to support anyone that comes into your life and stays with you.

After she read the Hito Steyerl text, Amber’s opinion changed. 

“being with ones you love”

Surrounding yourself with the ones you love.  Spending time with family, friends, pets, and anything else that you care for.  Sports can be an occupation, and small hobbies you life doing such as yoga or drawing.  Being healthy and living a healthy life can be an occupation for someone.  It takes a lot of time and commitment in order to gain a healthy life style.  A job is also an occupation but now I know there’s more to an occupation than a career, its about spending time with people in the end.  Whether your family, co workers, or any other people that are a part of your everyday life.


Alicia is a fourth year Biology student at the University of Western Ontario.  She works part time under the biology faculty during her weeks.

I asked Alicia what her opinion of occupation was. 

“something that you do”

Alicia believes occupation is something you do whether your job or an activity that takes up your time. Something that you can choose to do and have it take up your time. It can be your job when you are all done school, but it can also be a type of hobby you enjoy doing or even going to the gym.  Both those take up your time and you choose to do them.

After she read Hito Steyerl text, Alicia’s opinion didn’t change. 

“still something you do”

I guess occupation is really anything you want it to be.  You don’t necessarily need to choose to do it.  Having to go to a doctors appointment is not something you may want to do, but it is still a type of occupation because it takes up your time and it is something you do. Grocery shopping when you have to, and shoveling the driveway. All are things that need to be done.  Hobbies like sports are occupations but they are ones you choose to do and enjoy them way more then other things.  The word occupation is so much more then just a job.


Adrianna is a third year Health Science student at the University of Western Ontario. She is part of the Foot Patrol on campus to help people walk home.

I asked Adrianna what her opinion of occupation was. 

“a position of employment”

Having an occupation means to be in  a position of being regularly employed and being paid for it. If you aren’t being payed you are interning or volunteering your time. After school you apply for a job which is also known as an occupation and work for the rest of your life in order to support yourself with your life.

After reading the Hito Styerl text, Adrianna’s opinion changed. 

“its about time and space”

Occupation can mean a variety of things.  It can be about a job, about the space you are in, but it can be more, it can be the idea of something that occupy’s your mind.  That idea is an occupation in your mind. The idea of occupation is so much larger then what most people believe they know.  I know its opened my eyes about the range it can be in.  anything that takes up our day with its time and the space it is in should be an occupation.


Amanda is a third year Psychology student at the University of Western Ontario. She is currently employed at the Western Recreation Center and is A big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

I asked Amanda what her opinion on occupation was.

“A job” 

The first thing that came to my  mind after hearing the word occupation was a persons job. Occupation means something you do when you are done school and have a full time job. The only times I have even ever heard the word occupation, was used for job settings, and interviews. Whether its your dream job, or one you work during the summer.  For me, the Recreation Center and Shoppers Drug mart are Occupations.

After reading Hito Steyerl text, Amanda’s opinion changed. 

“More then a job, it can mean therapy”

Now I have a better understanding of the word occupation.  As a psychology student I am interested in going into Occupational Therapy once I am all done school.  Occupation does mean a job, but after reading this text I can see why this type of therapy I am interested in was named Occupational. Occupational can also mean therapy, and time that you spend helping others. Because occupation can be any type of activity, medication, or time that takes up your day, it would make sense to me that in order to help people you need to occupy your time with them.  By occupying your time to help others, anything you can do in order to set them on the right path is a type of therapy .