The aim of this solo project was to explore different peoples opinions about occupations.  It features students in University, with a majority at Western, as well as adults.  Both sexes are included.  These students are in different majors, come from different places, and they all have different life experiences, as well as the adults.  The text read at the beginning of this semester The Wretched of the Screen by Hito Steyerl talked about art as an occupations.  How the complexity of examining the role and purpose of art in occupations. Art does’t have one single definition because it is not a single thing,  It is many things within it. Steyerl fine tunes what she means through her point of view in terms of her skill set and experiences. The text mentioned in one chapter about Art as an Occupation: Claims for an Autonomy of Life. Occupation all depends on individual people’s experiences and contemporary daily activities. It expands on the meaning of occupation, how occupation may not even be labor, but rather something connected to service, distraction, therapy, and engagement. Occupations in all places in the world, will differ, but the word itself has a “mimetic force” that operates each term to be drawn towards each other.  The magic affinity with the word itself has the availability to force similarity of other works from within it.  It is able to reach across many difference situations and connect back through interests and privileges.  At the end of this project I hope to have people tell me what occupation means to them, and then read part of this text and tell me again what they think occupation means now, and how their answers may have changed. By the end of this project, it would be cool to reflect on everyone’s answer and come up with my own definition of occupation based off of the people who have been an influence on my life, and come up with a manifesto to describe the word “Occupation”.

These are real people I have talked to.  The names are real, but due to privacy that they have asked for, their picture and full name were not used.

Pictures used are credited to https://www.pexels.com/