Rachael is a third year Food and Nutrition student at the University of Western Ontario. She is also a part of the University of Western Ontario’s Varsity Softball Team.

I asked Rachael what her opinion of occupation was. 

“A job you get when you’re done school”

It something when your done school you apply for in order to get an income and are able to support yourself on your own.  An occupation means the beginning of being independent in the world.  It can also be the start of the best years of your life.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Rachael’s opinion changed. 

“anything really” 

I guess an occupation an be anything.  It can be your hobby, your passions, your job, or any other part of your life. Going to the gym, going to practice and going to class are all occupations of your time. Kinda weird that one word can mean so many things within the same realm of things.


Author: occupationofoccupying

This project focus's on how different people focus on whats important to them, and how that thing occupies their life. Occupy as a job, as a state, or as a hobby. Some people may view what they think occupation is differently from someone else based on their life experiences. This project explores the individuality of people and their opinions on what occupation means to them.

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