Rebecca is a middle aged graduate from Guelph University, and lives in Barrie with her husband. Her two children are studying in post secondary. She works at the hospital as a dietary assistant.

I asked Rebecca what her opinion on Occupation was.

“its the job I do”

Occupation is the job I worked hard for. its the job that I enjoy going to everyday especially because its great knowing I help people.  My occupation is a dietary assistant so anything that i do at work would be considered my occupation.  Weighing food, making food plans and making the actual food would all be my occupation, the things I do at work.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Rebecca’s opinion changed. 

“its more then the tasks within my job”

I did not really realize how diverse of a word occupation was.  Its a state, a job, a placing and a period of occupying.  It all depends on the person but anything could be an occupation to a person.  Their hobbies could be their occupations or their therapy or even their workout.  Its all things they do within the day.


Author: occupationofoccupying

This project focus's on how different people focus on whats important to them, and how that thing occupies their life. Occupy as a job, as a state, or as a hobby. Some people may view what they think occupation is differently from someone else based on their life experiences. This project explores the individuality of people and their opinions on what occupation means to them.

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