Rachel is a fourth year arts and humanities student at the University of Western Ontario,  She works at the Western Recreation Center part time.

I asked Rachel what her opinion of occupation was.

“a profession” 

When Rachel hears the word occupation she thinks of a career or a job.  You may or may not love this job but you got to do it. You wake up everyday and go to work, and do the same routine everyday that revolves around work. It is important for you to have an occupation in your life in order to have an income and be able to support yourself, and your possible family in the future.

After reading Hito Steyerl text, Rachel’s opinion changed. 

“time consuming”

Something that takes up your time, it can be a job or it can be a hobby.  It may be a activity that you like or may not like but it takes up your day or evening. The routine around your work can be an occupation too.  Every part of this routine could be considered an occupation as it takes up the time of your day or evening.


Author: occupationofoccupying

This project focus's on how different people focus on whats important to them, and how that thing occupies their life. Occupy as a job, as a state, or as a hobby. Some people may view what they think occupation is differently from someone else based on their life experiences. This project explores the individuality of people and their opinions on what occupation means to them.

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