Brooke is a third year Arts and Humanities student at the University of Western Ontario. She plays volleyball intramural at Western Recreation Center on Wednesday nights.

I asked Brooke what her opinion of occupation was. 

“a part of the word career”

I feel that occupation has to do with something you do every single day that you enjoy doing.  It could be your career path or the schooling you are taking.  Daily activities such as going to work are a big part of what occupation means.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Brooke’s opinion didn’t really change.

“part of career part of everything you do”

As an arts and humanities student, I have some biased knowledge about art as an occupation. That all things in art can occupy your time. So occupation in general can be almost anything. Going to school, hanging with friends, being in class, etc.  I have hobbies that occupy my time such as photography.  In the real world people associate occupation with the job world, as it is such a general word.  That an occupation can be all types of jobs like business, designer, or even a contractor.  All things are occupation and that’s maybe why they use the word to associate with careers.


Author: occupationofoccupying

This project focus's on how different people focus on whats important to them, and how that thing occupies their life. Occupy as a job, as a state, or as a hobby. Some people may view what they think occupation is differently from someone else based on their life experiences. This project explores the individuality of people and their opinions on what occupation means to them.

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