Robyn is a third year anthropology student at the University of Western Ontario.  She is a part of the Social Science Student Council, and a member of the University of Western Ontario’s Softball team.

I asked Robyn what her opinion of occupation was.

“Something you do for a living”

Something you identify with that brings in an income.  It is associated with your job, and therefore connected into school.  While at University, school, homework and assignments are all apart of her occupations.  You do these in order to get to your real occupation.  For now my occupation is being at school, but one day it will be teaching university students about Archaeology.

After reading the Hito Steyerl text, Robyn’s opinion changed.

“Something that takes up your time”

Occupations is something that is significant in your life, it occupy a large amount of your time.  Its an activity, something you do, not just a job. It can be your hobby, for me this owuld be Softball, or even studying in the library is an occupation.  The word is so broad, it can literally mean anything.  Right now I am occupying myself with this statement so it might be an occupation in its own way.


Author: occupationofoccupying

This project focus's on how different people focus on whats important to them, and how that thing occupies their life. Occupy as a job, as a state, or as a hobby. Some people may view what they think occupation is differently from someone else based on their life experiences. This project explores the individuality of people and their opinions on what occupation means to them.

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